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Gently exfoliate and hydrate your lips before spreading lipstick or concealing them with a lip primer or concealer. Then go for a lip liner corresponding to your lip shade, making an X shape with a liner. Next, symmetrically utilize it to fill in the X area. Lastly, use lipstick for a more extended stay.

You can use our Matt Long Stay Lipstick for your daily routine. Trendy, go-to lip shades are famous for their extended stay, moisture lock, and smudge-proof experience. Just one glide, and you are ready to rule the world all day long. In addition, we give you the most reliable products, and our lip collection has no harsh chemicals or toxins.

All lipsticks have their own shelf life of approximately two years, depending on their formulations and type (matte or gloss). We recommend you not use lipstick or lip balm for over 2 years.

Your skin's undertone can assist you in deciding which lip color suits you the best. Our team of professionals will recommend you check your veins' color to determine if you have a relaxed, warm, or neutral skin tone. Green veins mean that you have a warm undertone, while blue or purple veins indicate a calm skin tone.

If you cannot determine the color of your veins, you will likely have a neutral skin tone. For a warm undertone, your go-to lip color should be red, orange, and brown. However, pop-up pinks make the flawless shade for a cool undertone. Those with neutral skin undertones can go with any color.

Long Stay Lipsticks have a more extended stay of up to ample hours without smudging. It is a lightweight formula that does not make you feel like you are wearing anything on your lips; it also locks in moisture for a good number of hours. Our Lip care range is MadeSafe Certified, containing no harmful chemicals or toxins, and is thus unassailable for regular use.

You can choose from our various lip balms range- Ubtan Tint, CoCo Tint, Rose Tint, Cherry Tint, and Vitamin C Tint.

A good lip balm can foster your chapped and dry lips, moisturizing and hydrating your lips from the cold and dry weather, thus protecting them.

Apply a small amount of balm on your lips after your shower or even beforehand. Depending on your requirements, you can use it 2-3 times daily.

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